Is it real or is it Family?

Having family visiting from out of town is such a thrill. Looking forward to catching up, looking in the eyes of a loved one separated by mere miles.

Or is this a fantasy?

My niece is a good example of a complete surprise when it comes to maintaining contact with family members. Her rudeness in not answering repeated phone calls, and my denseness despite the fact that there are emails and phone calls dating back to before my cancer treatment ended, implying that she had not called back.

Aside from the fact that younger people today, the whatever they call it the X generation (for blanked out?), feel they can pick and choose which phone calls or messages they can answer, it hurts a great deal when they treat older relatives in that way. And, although the cell phone answering inbox thingy is a great boon to communications, it sometimes becomes my only friend, a surrogate to the person I’m trying to contact.

So, I tend to take rebuffs and rejections seriously, and personally. Ignoring someone is tantamount to spitting in their face. And sometimes it is the wrong face to spit into.

Yuh huh. I’m a silly goose to be so upset over the apparent loss of communication with my family member(s). Oh yeah. Don’t let it bother you, though. It actually means there is no burden on birthdays or Christmas any more. Think of all the money I’ll save not having to deal with holidays, and special occasions. Heck – my niece wouldn’t even notify me that she was taking her child into town, let alone expect any gifts or excitement.

Ho, hum. That’s what family is any more. Oh, so you care? I don’t. Ho, hum.

Ho, hum.

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