Hanging with the Fam

Well I made it to Buffalo. My niece is truly one to be admired. Laurissa is handling a pregnancy (she looks great!). There is also a three-year-old niece around here somewhere…who doesn’t stop once she gets going. And there are two cats, Simba the red male and Nala the black female.

We are spending a lot of time eating out. On Thursday afternoon we ate at a Mexican kind of a taqueria, which serves something called a Glutton. My goodness. Can more food be put in a human body at one sitting? But it was so good, I would recommend this place to anyone. What I mean is, the hot is really hot. I never had such hot food. Most places are wary of actually burning the mouth of its patrons, but this place really had the stuff. So beware. 

Yesterday we went to the Greek diner, where we sampled some really good food. We had the usual wraps and clubs, but the Greek stuff was excellent, and we ate lots of food there. In fact, the serverperson probably used up all the ink in her pen taking our order.

Our afternoon was punctuated by a trip to the Ice Cream Parlor, yes there really is one here in the neighborhood. By this time, I was quite sated and settled for a frozen coffee drink thing. The menu here was about four pages long. And the ice cream was served in those metal type of tray dish things; it was a pleasure not dealing with plastic and paper for once.

Anne Marie and I drove here on Thursday starting at 3 a.m.We followed a GPS in the dark – we took turns driving and I had my MP3 player hooked up to hear my favorite songs when we lost transmission on the car radio. Now a 7-hour drive is not so bad, if you are able to stop once in a while and stretch your legs. This was difficult, as you don’t know when a rest stop sign will appear on unfamiliar roads. And a wrong turn can eat up a lot of gas.

What I enjoyed the most was seeing the wind-farms. Really really big windmills on the top of the rolling hills, gently turning in the rising sun. We really wanted to stop and admire them and photograph them better than what I got (coming soon, stay tuned) because cars would be coming up fast, accelerating down slopes behind us.

Another sight was the huge lawns around the homes, which were basically farmhouses. Here is the reason – John Deere! The men doing the mowing were simply enjoying a ride on these marvelous machines and a nice green lawn is just the byproduct.  Why not – three of five acres can be ridden on. Hey it gets them out of the house!

I am sure I passed up the print of the year at my camera club yesterday. Maybe another time? I’ll sure try.

I will post some pictures. I really must do something about this blog. But sometimes I think it needs more than pictures.

We are driving home on Sunday. That’s pretty easy. You just follow the signs to NYC. Can’t make any mistakes there.

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