Good Eats and eats and eats and EATS – wip

Here is a story of the restaurants we went to on my trip to Buffalo:

Burrito Bay;

This is an unassuming place and when you walk in, you have to stand in line, cafeteria style and make your order. The menus are easy to understand. What’s there to understand! The Glutton, the Middle size and a small size. The Glutton is the most food I have ever seen in any restaurant ever. You have to be really hungry to down this one. But the food itself, wow!

Plenty of cheese, veggies, beans, all rolled into this great wrapper. If you want spicy, you get it. No wimpy salty vinegar here. The real deal. My mouth was on fire when I ate this. I was completely happy, and would recommend this place if you are ever nearby to one.

Not fancy, just good enjoyable food.

Olympia Diner;

Another just plain good food place to eat in Buffalo. This is definitely of the Greek stripe. We really enjoyed the sampler with some great flavors, all to be dipped into with a pita slice.

The food itself was typical diner food, but fresh and great portions. I don’t think we would have had it any other way. In fact, the wait-woman (PC all the way!) thought we were finished, several times. I think she used up all the ink in her pen, honey. She was quite pleasant, and tolerated well the active child with us who made towers out of the creamers.

Candrell’s Ice Cream Shop;

This is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, and we were the only customers. It was cool out, being summer in Buffalo, and we were in the mood for some sweets. This was the perfect choice. All the ice cream and dishes, and candies looked delicious, but I settled for some “sugar-free” vanilla. I know, I know, what’s the purpose of a sweet shop if you’re not going to be with the program? Well, I was already overloaded with food by this time, and wanted to at least give the system some sort of relief. No website here, but lots of info on the web. Worh a look if you’re in the neighborhood.

Franco’s Pizza;

Said to be like Domino’s. I never had this, at least in my memory. Time for something that doesn’t require much effort. We were getting even more tired, and hungry after some more running around after child. Child asleep, time for the grownups to uhh, eat again. The pizza came as we feared. It was a round pie smushed into a square box. This sounds wierd to us Brooklyn-bred girls. And you want your pizza to be round and cut into wedges, not some kind of shape that is unnatural to that cuisine. But, aside from that, it was good, tasty. A bit dry, a bit doughy but what we needed at the moment. Try it with a glass of wine to make it more palatable.


Go here for the royal treatment. A head waiter who is as yummy as the food. Knowledgeable and helpful servers, a water bearer constantly refilling a refreshing glass. And the hot sauce is the best. Spicy as you can ever want it to be. Is it any wonder I’ve been starving myself all week?

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