A Very Worthwhile Late Night

Last night we were invited to join two friends on his boat for a view of the fireworks. It turned out that the boat was able to get out into Raritan Bay to view the Old Bridge town’s celebration of Salt Water Day. Now this is something completely foreign to me. And I don’t think I ever have been on a boat at night, let alone to see fireworks.

I like fireworks. I can’t help think that these loud explosions are a celebration and a coming together of people to enjoy just that. The noise and the excitement of seeing colors exploring across the sky. And I always wonder what the fish are thinking. They must think humans are absolutely crazy to want to disturb the soft lapping of the water against the hull, or the twinkling stars above the clouds.

Yet, it was spectacular. Once the show started, and interrupted our easy quiet conversation, we were in awe. We could see the entire show without the obstruction of trees or buildings or even other people. The individual lights lit up the water, creating a stream of whatever color was featured right to us like a path. The show dominated our attention and comments for as long as it lasted. When it was over, there is a traditional blowing of all the boat horns, as a mechanical applause. Startup of our engine, pull anchor and we headed back into the marina.

I so enjoyed our night on the water. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of being held in the embrace of the roll of the waves under us. The smell of the water and the taste of good wine. I am so grateful for this experience and can only hope that we can do it again, it seems a good ambition to look forward to.

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