A Good Idea Whose Crime has Come

Recently, I came up with the idea to look into plastic surgery to repair what I consider an over-the-top scar from my lumpectomy, now almost a year old. While I healed up fast and furious, the tissue underneath the skin had sort of hardened and become less pliable over time, and I was not happy with the result of all of this.

So, I mustered up my courage and took myself  to  a surgeon who confirmed that, while I did indeed save the breast, the result was up for opinion.

Having faced this, I felt so brave and sophisticated. But now I’m just anxious to have it over with.

So, someone wrote to me to blog my way back to good health. Wow, what an idea! How easy it is to put my thoughts down, and ultimately to help someone else with the same dilemma.

Another problem I’m having is the fact that I’m not sick, per se. I’m cancer-free thanks to all the care and work of my health team, and this is simply to come full circle in my quest to take away any evidence that I did once have cancer.

The lasting scars will ultimately be inside not on the outside. What will be is a whole person, perceived by only me and presented by only me to the outside world. What is seen is a person who may have completely abandoned the idea of ever having this life-changing condition. Something like what was before.

I don’t ever expect to deal with any more cancer. Who does? But I feel lucky to have made it this far.

If any of this ever helps someone contemplating breast cancer surgery, I will have served the purpose of this blogging.

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