Blog Action Day = Global Warning

Somewhere on the Internet, someone has organized a worldwide movement to blog about global warming on October 15. Here is my contribution to that movement.

I thought that one would expect lots of figures and facts. Lots of authoritative messages and quotes from people who know lots more than I do about this stuff.

Actually, you don’t have to know a lot of facts, or rely on knowledge past and present to be aware that there are changes coming and not all of them may be good.

I have no children. I have stopped evolution at the point where my genetic legacy ends. There will be no continuation of my end of the family. But I am also a member of the family of  life on this planet. If my particular 70 or so years comes to a screeching halt after my cells stop reproducing DNA, well, then, it will have no effect on the overall picture. Here is why – as part of a global pattern of life/regeneration/life, I am perfectly comfortable in my little niche of time, and anticipate not too drastic threats at least in the near future.

However, there are definite threats to my extended family. On the human side, I have nieces, nephew, grand-nieces and nephews, and one granddaughter who will be facing some serious problems caused by my generation and the few generations before me. No amount of lectures or graphs can ease my fears for these children and their children. For they will bear the brunt of what damages are happening now, as the tipping point is reached.

Our planet, a living organism (Gaia if you will), has already passed the point where she can comfortably shake off the influence of several hundred years’ human activity. There are lots of problems caused by our kind. To me one of the most major is extinction. As we lose forests, Everglades, rain forests, and species, there is less and less chance of recovering from this permanent loss. As we lose glaciers and the beings that inhabit those glaciers, the polar bears, the penguins, migrating creatures and flora, we have less and less chance of ongoing progress.

Another thing that I cannot come to grips with as being okay, is the analogy of the big ocean liner. As it gathers speed and begins a course of navigation, it cannot be stopped on a dime. You can’t stop a cruise liner on a dime. That is a scary thought. At some point, if scientists were heeded, it would have been possible to go ahead with clean fuel technologies, clean renewable energy such as solar and wind power. There would have been more farms, fewer industrialized areas. We would have had a more earth-friendly diet. There would be less meat eaten, thereby lessening the horrible karma-related murderous meat industry. We would have realized that instead of knocking down entire ecosystems to feed our crops including animal herds, we would have long ago reverted to native grains and fruits.

There is a population problem. There is scarce water in many parts of the globe. There are migrations of entire peoples due to internecine warfare over sources of clean water. How many children die each day from water-related illness? There is a number but it is concentrated in those areas of the world where the potable water problem is perpetuated by warfare and border disputes.

Peace between countries is impossible so long as the environment continues to deteriorate.

Is there a positive ending to my diatribe? Yes. Although it will take a commitment and the longer it is postponed the more uncomfortable and serious the commitment, the earth can be returned to its self-sustaining state. Unfortunately, I will not see it in my day, and now that my right-wing-conservative dad is rather elderly, he is right when he states that he won’t be around to see the disasters. And now that I am approaching elder-hood, I know that I won’t see the disaster, but my progeny will.

Let us turn to the sun, let us turn to our vision of peace and prosperity for all. Let us understand that we are all connected in a great web of existence, honor this web and work towards mending ourselves and our planet, now.

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