What Goes on at Night

Whoever it was that decided to take my GPS, my Aux wire and my car phone charger, come on back. We’re waiting for you. We’re waiting to ask what was going on in your little pea-brain to make you act in such a psychotic manner towards your neighbors. And to the parents of whomever raised this antisocial piece or pieces of dirt, thanks a lot.

Every time I have to pay my taxes to keep teachers of our fine school system in a job; or have those buses take the little idiots to their classes or pave another walkway so they don’t trip their tiny little feet to match their intellect, I will think of you. Coming onto my property, on to my driveway and touching my car with your contaminated hands is the worst thing that you can do. Come my way on a bicycle, or a skateboard. You will not be given room to pass. You will not be coddled in court, or helped in any way. Whatever comes to you in a bad way is of your own making. As for me, you have no power. While you struggle with your conscience and inability to hold down a job or take college courses, I will be sitting pretty in some cool glen enjoying the scenery.

If bad things come in three, it has happened. I was afraid of what the third loss would be, but it was only the loss of a tiny portable mouse for my laptop, which was left behind in the library. I may get it back as we speak, but it is a minor loss.

I did report this act of cruelty to the police in case someone is caught with a bag in their car full of loot. We were taken to a room and since it was Veteran’s Day, there was hardly anyone in the Police Station. After waiting a few minutes, an officer came in and I really was expecting to see a sprcial report form. Instead, he proferred a spiral notepad like the one I carry around and never look at. He wrote down his name and the claim number in case we found more information. Of course, we left the GPS papers at home, not being accustomed to reporting crimes against us.

For low priority, no one got hurt crimes, how about robbing a veteran on Veteran’s Day? Or how about attacking your neighbors during a time when we should be coming together to fight common enemies, because there are more and more of them around? If I ever find out who did this, they are in for a shock. But I don’t have to.

I believe that Karma will take care of all this. My daily prayer has worked wonders to focus me on what I have to do to protect me and my own.

It couls have been anyone. Myt neighbor’s teenage son, a friend of a neighbor. They would have to know the neighborhood really well, or live not too far away to get back to hiding. So it’s a matter of time.

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