A Nail in the Coffin of Joy

How nice to wake up to find that millions of American citizens are not going to be able to enjoy equality for Christmas. What a nice way to dampen what little happiness is left in these times of little cash flow, violence with guns in the streets, children on heroin, wars in countries we never heard of when I was a child, and a denial of what Christmas is all about.

And, the best part, I suppose, is that denying a loving couple the rights to each others property and health insurance, all those things that we hetero’s enjoy, will affect their children. How important for the “majority” to follow blindly a path that will disable children’s security in their family.

How many more talks and lectures will I have to attend to see the faces of these innocent victims of bigotry and prejudice. Like a calf born on a beef farm, they are expecting equal access to family rights like the rest of us with a male and female parent, only to discover that its short life will be spent fighting for a place in the sun and ultimately being the victim of others’ plans.

It does take a long time for equality to sink in. But it’s the 21st century, and I thought along with not shooting your neighbor for not trimming their hedges, that people, all people would enjoy equal access to marriage rights.

These are very interesting times, as the marriage equality debate begins to morph into an equal rights debate. As the issue of family, marriage and even love becomes something the government can regulate.

But they are also very unnerving times, when any Catholic I meet is secretly seething in hatred for marriage rights…along with whatever else the clergy has decreed unfit for human consumption. It makes me nervous that my own religious bent and ideas will somehow land me in legal problems as I continue to stand on the side of love and support equal rights for all AmericanĀ citizens.

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