Snubbed in a Weighty Manner

I take a gym class with weights that’s offered twice a week. I’m one of the older people in the class – it has to be something you’re willing to endure to build muscle and shape up. So I go when I can, when I’m not busy with other things; it makes my day productive and gives me a good feeling.

The problem is, there are so many other people who take the same class, it gets rather crowded. Also, my gym is a crummy gym in that there aren’t enough weights to go around. Many of the people there actually smuggle in their own equipment. I would do that, except my dumbbells are really heavy to cart in and out.

So I usually plan on using the 5-pounders as the 7.5 pounders are always snatched by faster, earlier girls. And I set up in the back of the room near a mirror so I can focus on my form, learned from so many years of having trainers and classes. Sounds good so far? Read on.

It seems that when I showed up at this one gym, which is a new one in the neighborhood, many people from my previous gym, which was now becoming old and doesn’t offer classes, were already there, or coming in. I was so happy to see them, yet wondered how it would go. I swear there’s something wrong with me for  being annoyed with these people who I’d seen for one and a half years at my “old” gym for not being more friendly there. And here they were in the new gym. I was merely trading places, not people or atmosphere.

It’s not like I have to be best friends with my classmates, but for goodness sake, nod a hello, or say hi when you’re on a piece of equipment or next to someone in a class. Here is the last straw –

Super Bitch was speaking to an old acquaintance who I know because she has mutual friends with me. When I went over to say hi, SB literally TURNED HER BACK AND SAT DOWN WITH HER BACK TO US. I didn’t think much of that, thinking that people talk and then get ready for the class. but when I went back to my place, SB GOT UP AND CONTINUED HER CONVERSATION.

So, this psychopath was actually not able to finally after like two years and two gyms to say hi, we already know each other, and exchange names, she insulted me today. This has happened before, but I do persist. It gives me a complete and unadulterated license now to be even more nice. When I see anyone, anyone there, male or female, they get a glance and a smile. It’s too bad. I’m gonna nice them to death. Aside from ignoring the stupid dopes who I have to take a class with, I’ll be so nice they’ll be the bad guy.

Makes me look forward to my next class.

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