Dead Bug Walking

Well, it’s come to this. I am the most emphatic creature on the planet. But when it comes to certain other living creatures, I can be a lethal weapon. So we found a solution that actually kills these Stinkbugs without poisoning ourselves, our pets or other beneficial bugs. BTW, Pyrethrin does not work! At least with the 50% dish soap solution, you can watch them DIE!!!!!

This is something that I can not do otherwise. But these bugs seem to have a mass consciousness. Each one acts like the next one. They have quick reactions, and most of them don’t really fly far, if they get a good hit. When you do spray them, hit hard, and don’t stop. They will soak in the ingredients meant to break up oils and grease from your nice dishes, and collapse after a few steps. The mass consciousness of the other buts won’t really notice, because I don’t think pheromones are sent out in this way.

But it has made me enjoy killing. A few bugs later, and I crave the feeling of having conquered a few evil menaces. If only that packing from China were cleaned out before it got to the stores. If only there could be a pheromone trap made or a poison directed at these nasty creatures.

They are foreign invaders, like bamboo. They have no natural enemies and are bent on well just multiplying, eating our tomatoes and being disgusting and ugly.

Well, the battle has been won for now. Time to check for their reinforcements.

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