Snow – grrrrrrrrr

Another snow event is imminent. I wonder how in the “olden” days it was handled. Well, we woke up, it was either snow or no snow. You put on your weather outfits, and walked on to school or stores. But there was never a big hoopla on the media. All I see is my familiar young faces, holding their microphones and pieces of paper and seriously discussing the size of snowdrifts.

We live in the NorthEast. This is part of the deal, folks! Trees and plants are dormant. The snow cover acts as a buffer against the freezing effects on their roots. My flowers are brilliant in the summer, and I think it is because of the benefits of the snow cover.

What we didn’t bargain for, though, is the impact. the storms are heavy, mean, merciless and random. They are not one, but two storms colliding up there in the clouds. We are mere inhabitants, like the dormant roots, and Mother Nature doesn’t distinguish.

Could we be more patient and be happy that there is snow at all? the damage that we have done to the planet may be affecting the intensity of these storms. That’s just a layman’s opinion. Uninformed, from the gut. But what will the future hold? I hope that whatever happens is more in line with the olden days, actually. A mild, gentle drifting down of white fluffy snow. Not enough to stop traffic and commerce dead. But enough to build a snowman, or slide down a hill.

Let the fates weave their web!

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