The Old Ones are the Wildest

After my Zumba class today, we were stretching a bit to prevent those injuries that come from, well, not stretching. As I usually do, I ran to the wall, which is an unbreakable mirror, to perform a quad stretch, something that usually makes me keel over trying to grab my ankle. My instructor must have seen me do that, and warned me that my rocker shoes were dangerous instruments in a dance class. I might fall over backwards.

Well, I don’t blame her. Here was this old lady falling against the wall, and I’m sure it seemed the shoes became obvious. I’m sure that many people wearing these rocker sneakers, which are really built for walking, fall over all the time. I don’t think I’m one of them. First of all, I never had such comfort in my feet. I never fall for fads, and I thought this rocker thing was a fad at first.

But when I bought my first pair, I was amazed that it took some pressure off the front of my feet, that I felt my whole life, probably the way my foot is built in the first place. I have walked miles in “regular” sneakers, and almost collapsed from the pain, both in my foot and back. But these shoes somehow compensate for my extremely high arches, and cushion the expected pounding. I was so happy to find this out, I have two pairs, and have been wearing them for such high-impact activities as Zumba.

I’ll go back to flat sneakers for the gym. I have actually seen other instructors wear the rockers, and nothing is ever said. I’m sure I seemed a weak link at the point of the quad stretch. I’ll watch that. But darn, I can’t grab my ankles any other way. It would be a shame if my theory is correct, and the shoes made such a difference. Time will tell.

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