Living in the Future Problems

It used to be that living in the past was a problem for some. Now that I’m pushing another decade in age, I have noticed that my intention to keep up with the times, not fall behind and therefore be in with the in crowd, albeit of one, moi, has encountered some speedbumps along the way.

Example – in discussing a weekend stay at a mountain resort, I was asked to pick up some brochures to show a friend, who is even younger than me. Talk about living under a rock, you may say. There are a couple of things wrong with this request. First, and foremost, businesses have online presence, which contain far, far more than a mere brochure, with its glossy tryptich format, can provide. Websites are not only up to the minute news, hopefully, of the latest and greatest features of this business, but don’t use paper, and are instantly available any time to the viewer. Whereas paper will endup under a pile of otherpapers, and not found when needed.

Another example – annual directories of organizations. This annual chore takes weeks of work and preperation, then a trip to the printer, then the anxiety of wondering if the printer understands what you want in the publication. Thecost and the paper usedf again are a complete waste of time, for somehting that lateer versions of PC’s and Mac’s operating systems can search for and display in milliseconds.

Let’s not discuss newsletters. Beond belief, I know of a computer club that actually just this past month stopped distributing paper copies and is now saving hundreds of dollars a month, not to mention a frew tropical forests, because of that. and notbody peeped. Of course not! This should have been in the reverse. And there is a new term I favor – “Opt Out.” Let’s do it!

Come out of the rock before it’s too late. The anxiety of waiting to see if a printed version of something is to your liking, is like the old days when you waited to see if your roll of film was oworth anything. and then you had to deal with the negatives. The only thing negative is the wasteful space you had to store them in.

I’m hoping for less paper in my life. In saying that, I’m moving on to my electonic diary here, andoffering my thoughts whether or not you want them – ha!


oops, I just cut my finger.



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