Best in Show Off

Hi gang! Today I’m going to reveal a secret! What’s the best ever conversion software to take your great big fat CR2 shots and turn them into lowly jpg’s? Here’s the deal –

Using Canon’s proprietary Digital Professional Pro software, I am able to take a whole bunch of RAW pics, download them using Windows’ own window, have them automatically deleted off my memory card, and safely install them back into my own folders. Stay with me here.

  1. First, hook up your memory card.
  2. after all is downloaded and deleted from your card
  3. open up DPP
  4. if necessary, navigate to the folder you are taking the RAW files from, in my case *.CR2
  5. Open up the conversion window in DPP
  6. Tell DPP where to put the new files which will be *.JPG’s
  7. Run the conversion
  8. When done, all I do is open up Windows Live Photo Gallery, my own choice but you can use your own choice of photo manager
  9. In WLPG, sort this way –
  10. Group By – Date Taken Descending; Sort By Date Taken Ascending
  11. This will put the RAW vs. JPG’s side by side in order so you can actually make your edits rationally, without having to try to figure out where or when these were taken or converted.
  12. On pics like a family portrait around a table, or a quick look at a meeting I went to, I just delete the RAW files off the bat.
  13. On other pics, I may mess around in photo software, and save off before deleting the RAW file. They are so much fun to mess with!
  14. On pics I need to keep for future work for competition or exhibit purposes, I do save them.

So, if you don’t understand a lot of this, take a basic computer class. If you do, great! Here’s the really great thing – I can bookmark this description and go back to it from time to time. That brings me to my next suggestion.

Feel free to explore your own workflow; you should do that anyway. Just write it down, even on a text document, and in my case it’s installed right on my Dell Dock, which is an ersatz Apple-type ribbon where I can keep quick links to things. The choice is up to you.

Use your choices, use your imagination. Show it off!

Let me know what you think!

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