Cool Beans in Boston

Truth is, Boston is a great town to visit. I really like it. There was a great deal of preparation for this wonderful excursion – Jim and I wanted to get away around the time of our silver anniversary, and this was it. October is still not too cold, but not hot enough that you can’t walk around in the city. We chose a hotel for the price, mostly. It was cheap, and it promised a shuttle to the subway and then a mere five stops to the center of town, the lovely Commons, from where you can get anywhere you want.

So, off we went to see the great historic city of Boston. And did we see it!

But, there was a price to pay. Sometimes memory is faulty, and you only remember the good times. I sure did. My two previous excursions here were full of fun and excitement. Not to mention cheap and in the center of town, or having me carried around like a big suitcase.

First time, with a youth group from my church. to be exact. Part of a program that allows the RE graduating class to explore the roots of Unitarianism and Universalism as part of their faith experience. A great program. I got to go with the kids but luckily a couple of my besties were along, so it wasn’t so bad.

The second time, some adults decided to take an adult RE trip, and fun it was. We stayed at a bed and breakfast owned by the UUA ( and were treated like royalty as we traversed the streets. This was a one-time thing, as most of us are now too old or lame to do this again. At least I am.

So my trip with my husband was tainted with high expectations. Remember  do, though. The high stairs to the train platform. Waiting in the cold October rain for the bus. Traveling on the Boston subway with the bottom-feeders. Waiting on line while my husband makes mistakes on the ticket machines and has to ask for help.

Oh, it was joy joy joy.

I really hate traveling, sometimes. I’m glad I got Boston out of my system. I still want to get myself and Jimmy to Cape Cod, although he claims we have the same scenery here on the Jersey Shore. But my memories and expectations are high and happy, and I’ll work on it for some future date, hopefully with a good outcome the first time.


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