Interview with a Candidate

Here are a couple of reasons I would never vote for a Republican. I do agree with some of what they stand for, but they always put their big fat feet in their mouths when they start talking about regulating morality. We have some social issues already. What about how people are shooting and stabbing and robbing each other every day? Or can’t read or write a simple sentence. Or know much about our history or the history of the world. Or the universe.

It looks like they don’t really care.

First question – So what is it about same-gender marriage that is so threatening to you?

Answer – Well, as you know, the Gay Agenda will ruin America as we know it. These people are only preparing us for the next step of their plan. That is, to marry dogs, cars, cell phones once they get their way. And most importantly, God himself has said that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Second question – You would repeal legalized abortion. So is a woman’s body her own?

Answer – It says in the bible that you do not kill. A fetus of 48 cells is a living human being. God is the one who determines when life begins and ends. Abortion is killing people.

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