It’s a Real Pain – 4

Monday. Feeling brave, I get in the car and make my way to Toms River.

I get to mom’s, and take her to see dad at his “rehab” facility. He is good, except as usual he’s not too excited to see me. Although he’s softened a bit in his attitude towards me, his eldest child, now an elder herself, he can be a bit of a pain himself. He’s actually in better shape than me, in the medical sense.

I’m crazy enough to have attended a yoga and then after that a meditation class, and proud of myself that I was able to actually follow along pretty well. But, during the yoga class, I notice that I can’t really comfortably lay flat on my back, someting that I could normally do comfortably, and it is disturbing.

Spoke to my pain doctor, and she recommended a new painkiller, Ultram or tramalol. So I start on that. However, in my opinion, it seems to work after an hour of taking it, and only for about an hour, so it is essentially ineffective for my pain. I experience what I would describe as waves of pain, all day long.

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