It’s a Real Pain – 8

Friday the 13th. Always an auspicious day in my book. I head out to the local mall to meet up with a meet up group, only to find out that not only I, but my friend and another person got the date wrong and she and I ended up just getting coffee and comparing notes using her iPad on the coffee shop’s wifi. It turned out to be a lovely experience, and we planned to repeat the occasion the following week, since we had made the mistake.

I’m limping now, unable to extend my leg so the calf gets stretched. The pain has migrated to include my calf on my left leg. So I limp up and down the mall walkways and it’s quite the thing for everyone to notice.

I took 10 mgs. of Ultram, of course it didn’t help me, but by 4:30 p.m. I get it down to a dull ache. My notes mention getting up to get some food and having pain in the upper leg and thigh as well, probably when I got home. My calf is really sore. My pain level is at 7. At some point I switch to Percocet and begin taking that for the pain at 5 mg. increments.

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