It’s a Real Pain – 10

On top of all this, my constantly recurring gum abcess decides to show up. I down some Amoxycillin to prevent its taking over my life, and go on with that.

My leg has gotten numb. I didn’t even notice it until I put my hand under my knee while sitting down and oh, couldn’t feel it. I’m also at the point of using a cane to prevent listing over on the numbness, which is a risk for anyone in my condition.

I go out to church, and can hardly walk but could sit in the car to drive the short distance. My calf is still cramped and painful.

By 4 p.m. I really cannot walk. My pain level is at 9. I take two Percocets.

5 p.m. Level 10 pain

6 p.m. Amoxycillin.

8 p.m. Percocet. Gum hurts.

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