It’s a Real Pain – 15

At last the final reckoning. I get to face my beloved doctor and get her to understand how goddamn awful the past two weeks have been. I limp into the waiting room area, barely able to stand on my left leg. Nurses rush to my side, lest I list. In the waiting area, it is impossible to get comfortable. Once there, I ask for a Percocet before the procedure so I can wait more comfortably. The nurst complies and rushes to ge ththe doctor to sign permission for me to get that. my leg feels like it’s burning and it feels hot.

The procedure is done; I walk into the operating room, climb up on the table and lie face down while various professionals start pasting leads on my naked body, push some great stuff into my vein, and position my body for the incoming shots.

I can see the fluoroscopy equipment ready to be rolled over me, so I know that I’m safe and that the doctor will be able to see the pain. Yes, she alone knows how miserable I am.

The anesthesiologist this time didn’t come out to introduce himself, but I saw a bearded short man who gave the blessed means of sleep. Anesthesia these days is a clean affair. Each one seems to use a different cocktail, but they almost work. This one I didn’t feel. And I never knew just when I fell asleep, but I did. I was worried there because I could feel them stabbing and squeezing cleaners on my backside.

Home again, nice sushi lunch brought by Jim eaten in the car, and by 10 p.m. I had less pain. My leg is still numb and the pain has moved up to the glut and left the calf for now.

Took a gabapantin at 6:6:30 P.M.

Took a Percocet at bedtime.

The gabapantin has to be increased slowly, so I’m on two for now and then will increase it to three. It does make me all relaxed so I know it works somehow. I need to do the reverse, too. For some reason, they want you to go off it slowly. No problem. I will go off it.

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