It’s a Real Pain – 22

In the morning, I receive a call from the pain doctor’s office that she has to cancel my appointment because of an emergency. I ask them how can she do that, if I had this really important appointment with her and also discussed it with her just a few hours ago? They said well, she is gone and on vacation (a slip on their part) and we have to reschedule. I did reschedule for two weeks form that date, but there was no way I could stay witht e type of pain and the condition I’m in until then.

I call back, and ask for a refill of my painkillers and the muscle relaxer.

I really light into them about how she herself put the appointment in the book and this is really crazy leaving me hanging like this.

They call back, and tell me they called in a refill I guess for the muscle relaxer but truthfully it is too soon to get any.

I get on the phone to the neurosurgeon, and sure enough they have an opening that day, and off I go, with my extensive mumblo-jumblo MRI report in hand. Reading it is like a horror novel, if you like that sort of thing.

We have the usual conversation; he is gracious and understanding and sets me up for preop testing, as I don’t want to wait another moment for the herniation to be repaired. It is what is causing the pain, and he recommends microsurgery to correct the position of the nerve in there. Go!

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