Spinal Thoughts I – Greetings from FlatLand – on my new back

Ok – next phase. What does it feel like to be in a completely helpless /hapless situation.  You might like to know that humility coupled with a sense of humor albeit macabre, do wonders to make the day go by. But remember, there is also the notorious night.

Is being in a medically-induced drug high the answer? Well, I wonder as I ponder the changes that I endured as I lay with my back flayed open and helpless myself, to any changes.

I’m thinking about an old book by one Abbott. The gist of the book is that there is a world peopled by people who are represented or physically composed of different shapes. The author goes into great detail to describe the appearance (or not) and the customs of this special tribe. I am of one of them, when I think about being in the sideways position, or lying down, where I am just a part of the new horizon, which I am about to flip over onto.

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