RIF Optional

There is a new dynamic at play here. The common response to my existence is the litany. Here it is – “It amazes me that…(you did/did not/said)” “Why aren’t you…(there/here/anywhere)” “I don’t have to listen to this (suggestion/idea/question)”

It’s easy. Fill in the blanks.

I’m walking down a long, dank hallway. In each door I pass, is a grid. Hands, fingers, words reach me through the small orifices. “Do…don’t…no…no…I’m busy good-bye.” I remember when I hear these things that it is not me creating this swamp of emotion. It is me experience¬†someone else’s expression of their pain. Anger. Inconsolence. Fear. Discomfort.

For the first time in my life I am free. I am free of the need to answer to anyone. I have an invisible tag attached to me. It says my price, manufacturer and origin. It does not have a blank as can be used above, to fill in. What’s there is there.

I’m already made and if I am to be used, it will be in the correct manner to avoid harm.

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