No Excuses

I’m going to get all defensive here. If I were on trial (for being me) here is the answer to recent opinions stated to me by someone I know.

In a post by them just going on their bumbling, brainless selfish way, they stated in a discussion of the heat the fact that there are no beaches where they live (apparently near a cave or in it), that they would not come to the Jersey Shore because of all the dirty Jersey people. Too much! This was the moment that I failed in my silence. I felt that everything I had to say t them would be construed as either judgmental or correcting and nobody likes that. So i mentioned how I must smell all the way from here, and that I should move.

Of course they said oh no it’s not you it’s all of your state. And then they stated point blank that I was not a Jerseyite, that I am a Brooklynite and that I just happened to reside in this state. That was the last straw.

Here came the onslaught from me to the effect that I don’t know why they had to talk like that and they should at the very least respect my self-identification as a Jerseyite.

Well, it’s just as well. I am now blocked from any of they inanities and childish complaints, and you can be sure no invitation will be forthcoming from this quarter in the near future. One less to worry about…and then people wonder why I won’t accept any invitations from them????

Here is my reason for daring to think, that I am indeed a Jerseyite. I’ve been living here almost as long as I lived in Brooklyn, where I was born and happened to just be there until I moved to NJ. The years add up, and so does the commitment and community that I’ve become a part of. I’m paying taxes here for all this time, and vote here as a NJ-ite. It seems to me that having had a say in politics that govern me informs my identity.

People who inadvertently generalize and insult your peeps are not happy people. Perhaps a job, a new friend, a hobby, a mate would help to center this poor creature into reality.

I got it all turned on me – this is how I take things personally.

Now let’s look at things another way. Suppose I were to say publicly without compunction that all people who, like my gadfly, live at the end of a road in nowheresville, PA with nothing to do but drink beer with a bunch of uneducated, hellious hillbillies who are disgruntled slobs, whouldn’t someone say hey, what do you mean by that?

To insult an entire state, is certainly useless. What state you are in is a state of mind. If that is not acceptable to you, it is truly understandable that you would lash out at every opportunity. But it is very irritating.

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