Thirsting for a Big, Fat, Cold Jug of Sugar

The New York City folks finally got tired of being jostled on the street and in the subways by people who are, well, oversized. The points that I heard about this are in complete agreement.

Years ago, there was this. You got a soda/pop and it came in like two sizes. Small or Medium or Large. No three sizes. So, the small was like maybe 8 oz.; medium say 12 oz.; and large say 16 oz. Fast forward to modern (read, greedy) times, and you have the Supersize stuff. It’s like 32 oz. and it means someone can scarf down an amount of liquid that I could water the back 40 with.

As a result, it’s hard to find a space on the subway between folks on a normal day. Of course, people are all going to one place – the food vendor to stock up on calories!

That’s the point I want to make. If things in NYC go back to where you have only a 16 oz. cap on the amount you can purchase, you’re going to – guess what? – have to get up off your seat not once, but twice! That is twice the getting up you did before, and now you’re on the way to a slimmer, trimmer you!!!!!

All kidding aside, all this typing is making me thirsty. See you in a bit!

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