Another Day of Being a Student

I’ ve been sitting in the classroom now for an hour and 19 minutes. I came to try to figure out how to use iMovie on my relatively new MacBook Pro, which I bought for the express purpose, among other things, to write and to be more creative, a la my friends who bought Macs and began raving like crazy people about how great it is.

The instructors are talking about everything from anti-malware software, to overpriced programs on the Apple Store site, which I’m not interested in, because I was under the impression I could buy the MacBook and not need any other programs from any other source.

Wrong again!!!!! The class is rapt but at least they are awake.

Finally, we are on the YouTube site, and what do you think – I left home and drove here to watch a video I could have and should have looked for at home.

So much for this group. Boring! Uninformative! Useless! I can’t wait to go home and look this stuff up for myself.

Categories artwork, computers

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