I’m Not All That

I’m in my oncologist’s office. I don’t belong here. But here I am nonetheless by virtue of having had my bout with breast cancer all those many years ago

No, not so long ago at all. Harken back back and look up my entries and you’ll see a person determined to achieve full recovery. But I’m not there quite yet.
I hate coming here and I hate being poked and prodded when i feel fine. But most of all I hate being a “cancer patient.” Don’t ever call me that! It may excite the medics but is no less than an annoying interruptiom to my day.

Now Cancer is no joke and with all due respect to my fellow unfortunates, but there is no way I plan to. Concede, accept, or acquiescence to this reality in my life.

For I truly believe hope and pray this too will pass.

Categories breast cancer

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