A Call from the Ancestors

ImageMoving away from our home in Port Monmouth was a blessing to us. Those over 20 years ago, we had experienced just one weird flood, and we were first becoming aware of the potential damage to our lifestyles due to global climate change. It’s not just global warming  as we called it in the beginning. Now that it’s here, we are feeling the impacts of this climate change and how it’s going to start to affect us.

Politically, I hope that our new president or continuing hopefully president, takes all this into consideration. It’s not so much paying for cleanup after the event, it’s finding ways to ameliorate further climate changes that lead to this type of one of a kind storm that we are having today.

Sure, there’s no one on the road. But just being inside hunkering down with the family, can be a danger. There are power/heat/water concerns. No chance to go out and play in the yard, go to the park, take a simple walk or visit with someone. All those activities were blown away as this big storm approaches our shore.

So, a preview of our loss of homes and habitat is here. We need to go forward, but will we do so with open eyes or continued denial of the need to take care of this planet better.

The ancestors are indeed speaking to us at this mystical juncture of the year, the holy Samhaintide, the one chance that the departed dear can shout to us from beyond the veil.

May we listen. May it be so.


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