It’s … Baaaack! Life on Tramadol

I was just minding my own business, really. I did not plan on this. A year almost to the day, I dealt with a horrible decision. I had to do something. I was a mess. What on earth did I do to deserve this!

A year ago, I had happily submitted to a complicated operation, which required a commitment on my part that turned out to be a learning experience, that I would not wish on anyone. Now, I was experiencing a greater and greater inability to bear weight on my left leg, and ran not walked, or limped, to my pain specialist.

A noisy MRI later, I got the news while, yes, walking, that stenosis had worsened since the last MRI, pre everything in 2006, and was giving me symptoms, thank you.

So, I’m enduring a series of not one, not two, but three shots in the back, again. I’m so used to showing up there and being wheeled out like an invalid.

The first shot, a month ago, was great. I felt no pain, and was able to go about my business. The second shot, like the second shot in December of 2011, was not so good. I need to take my meloxicam and tramadol just to walk. But I will, and when the third shot is over, we need to make a decision on going forward. If I can without a cane or a wheelchair!

Meanwhile, I’ve kept up on exercise, PT, and stretching. It helps a lot, as does heat, ice, and just sitting still.

Let’s see where this goes (not another pun!)

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