A Doc Thing

A fern's spine it should be like mine.
A fern’s spine it should be like mine.

No, not talking about Word, but could use plenty of XXX’s when it comes to back problems.

It’s not a coincidence that whatever was happening years ago, has not only recurred but worsened, leaving me in a near-limping situation. Instead of waiting until I couldn’t stand up straight, I’ve educated myself on all aspects I could find – thanks, Google – and have a horrible graphic image of what is going on Back There

I have a wonderful doctor. She answers my questions, responds to my needs, never holds back. She knows that I know the story, and doesn’t try to snow me with too many details. I can admire her across her desk, and absolutely trust her judgment in things of the back.

Looking Back I can honestly say that she is opening doors, doors to tolerating discomfort, doors to confidence in healing, and confidence in continuing my therapeutic activities.

When it comes to my spine, there is no effort in finding useable titles for my posts. I am pondering the amazing coincidences and how many ways we use the metaphor Back or Spine in everyday life.

Hopefully my everyday life will get back to normal, well a pain-free normal, and hopefully there won’t be too many posts here initiated by that pain in the butt.

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2 thoughts on “A Doc Thing

  1. Dear Ms Grazide

    Sciatica is a painful condition and many do not know what it actually means. This is why I have a link which explains what is means to have sciatica. On the channel you can also find a video about lower back pain or other medical conditions. I hope that everyone who reads this blog will take time to watch the video. Here are the links http://youtu.be/XxefH4kUOZk and http://youtu.be/zfs9oyA3pKg. If you want to use the embedd code for your blog you free to do so.

    Hope you get better


    1. thank you. I know it’s not funny, but sometimes that’s the only thing to do.


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