Helium Hands – On Not Being Able to…

hands acrossOk already. Keep it in the window. Ever wonder what it is that makes you smile? Ever wonder what mysterious force is causing you to embarrass, o expose yourself for good or bad. Ido. I have a question about why my hand always goes up, as if by reflex, whenever I see someone I know, or think that i know, no matter what the circumstances.

I call it helium hands, because it’s like some force that’s lighter than air is at work. Not that it’s a bad thing. What can be bad about initiating an acknowledgment or friendlyand cheerful greeting? Much.

Sometimes there is a problem with you. You can’t be consistent with this HH business. Sometimes there is something on your mind, or off your mind, and you are not able to get it together in time to reciprocate.

Or maybe the other person is busy and doesn’t have the wherewithal to be just your best friend that moment. Be patient; I’m working on the cure.

Don’t be so quick to get those digits airborne. Take the time to feel out the other person first. Let them check you out. Guaranteed you will feel better. Nothing like feeling better.

Good luck, and happy waving!

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