Dis-ease to Please

Not thrilled with how things are going with my back. So here is what I’ll do. Every morning I will first, thank the universe that I woke up. Next, stretch my legs, arms, and spine so that there are no surprises when I do rise. Finally, I’ll rise up and up and up and be the person I was meant to be.

Not everything is perfect. Not everyone gets to be illness free, or pain free, or even know that there is a lot worse than their current situation. I would keep that in mind as I have a leisurely breakfast, long hot shower and dress in whatever outlandish way I please.

It wasn’t always like this. I would not be aware back then that my back then was not going to be what it was back then. But it is still holding me upright, more now than ever. It is still bending and swaying in happiness and movement that is joyous.

It is not bent. It supports others who like me are struggling to come to terms with new realities in their lives.

So I rise, and rise, and maybe that way maybe I won’t fall back so hard, or so soon.trip to grounds for sculpture 7-05 with sistercircle (29)_1x1

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