Dummer and Numb-er

The Internet does not make you stupid. I know why.

It took all this time to figure out that whatever study, whatever opinion is out there, and that constantly changes anyway, I am smarter because I spend time on the internet. I love that Internet. Whoever figured out that a bunch of 0’s and 1’s could create such a complicated world that I could go to and play in, I thank them!

I can learn so much, and that is why I don’t think the Internet makes you stupid. It makes you numb, though, sitting for long with problems like my back. I have to remember to stop now and then, and begin again. I lapse???????????on my calendar and let my blogs and artwork go at a pin drop. I run to the nearest screen – Kindle, cell phone, laptop, someone else’s computer, to look at any random thing at any random time.

Now here is the comparison. They say that before computers, you had to “go to the library.” It turns out that I never went to the library. So here I was, if I’m typical, just going along not knowing the information I sought. Like what does a female Car

olina wren look like, or what’s the migration timetable for some monarch butterflies. I know that because I looked it up. I didn’t go to  a building and spend time “looking things up.” I do know that I had to do that kind of thing for college projects. It was good then, but not something I enjoyed. I didn’t enjoy running my stubby fingers through card catalogues and trying to read old typeface on yellowed cards and then writing it down and then going to the shelves. Better yet, I remember sneaking a card or two out of the reference

area, and then having to sneak it back there. Oh, the pressure!

But nowadays, I use the Internet as a game-ender. I am thinking the only reason people are dumber than ever, and uninformed, is that they are. They are NOT looking things up. So what if a cell phone appears if a question arises. So what if a Kindle will reveal the easy way to an answer. At least you have it.

And here’s the strangest part. I am a visual learner. The best way for me to keep something in my head is to look at it. Once it’s stuck in there, among all the clutter, I can visualize it internally. Sometimes, yes, it takes longer than others. But who cares? That is a personal preference and it has served.

antique royal typewriter (2)

Now I can serve by not being as worried about if I’m getting dumber but sitting too long doing the visualization and memorization does create a numb-er situation. Oh, my back. I have to remember to give it a break as well, and turn off the power once in a while.

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