Antique Just Like Me!

There are almost a thousand old stained and faded drawings that I’ve managed to scan or photograph as my body of work from when I did this stuff. It serves as a jog to the memory, a legacy to my artwork and an inspiration to keep going. It doesn’t matter what I like to do. I still like what I did, and maybe I never have to do anything else. Meanwhile, I’ll get better at Photoshop Elements and Lightroom and all the other programs I can use to edit them.

Here’s how I’m setting up my art collection:

There are four folders under Original Artwork –

  1. Mixed Media is where I keep anything I pasted a cutout on, or made a collage.
  2. Pen & Ink is for my black & white work, where I only used that medium.
  3. Watercolors is for anything I put a spot of color on, but may have to be broken out if I used colored pencil.
  4. Other Stuff is for anything that doesn’t fit into any other category. This may be temporary.

I’m thinking of what to do about colored pencil drawings and charcoal sketches. For now they are hiding in Other Stuff.

Just saying.


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