Looking in the Wrong Place or How Did I Miss That?

Last summer, I do recall, I had the hardest time working with a new camera. I had already gone through this business of my DSLR, a Canon Xsi, not having RAW files or CR2’s recognized in my favorite software, Picasa, and Windows Live Gallery, which I completely abandoned. In Picasa, I would see faded squares where the pictures should be, and it was so annoying, I put Picasa aside, as well as Photoshop Elements 10, and began to work with LightRoom 5, which sees CR2’s without any problem. The only thing I missed was the Adobe RAW editor, and it really bothered me.

Now I have a new camera, a Canon T5i, and am very happy with it, although PSE10 still doesn’t produce the RAW window for me. As a result, I’m not using RAW captures any more, which is probably going to affect my current archiving project, where I need to adjust color on old paper. I am very frustrated. So…

Just today, I began to investigate Photoshop Elements 12, having downloaded a trial copy, and having plans to review its Missing Manual (will provide link when I’m done) for my computer group, BCUG.

While first running PSE12, I was experiencing error messages trying to bring an edited RAW file into the edit window. This has since been resolved, but I don’t know if it was the program settling in or the fact that I downloaded an updated copy of the piece needed to do this.

So, while I was fiddling around with this software, I had up on my screen Picasa Photo Viewer, which I use as the default viewer for *.jpgs. Without even realizing it, it was displaying a CR2 bright and clear, and I was astounded, thinking, what did I miss.

Next thing I know, I’m in Picasa and viewing all my CR2’s as if it never had a problem.

Did Picasa fix the CR2 issue? Did I never check this with the new camera? Whatever happened, I was able to crop, lighten, straighten, do everything I needed right in the free program. Sure, it probably wants to advertise to me, but I’m already so far gone there is nothing sacred there.

The only thing I can’t do in Picasa or LightRoom for that matter, is work in layers. When I do need to, PSE will come in handy. And some more training in the program will also be good. But for now, check the results I got. And this is an archive; I don’t want it to be messed up. So I’m happy for the fix, and will continue to figure out the best workflow.

So here is my result using a free program.
So here is my result using a free program.

Wish me luck, and a more observant eye!


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