Knee Meets Floor – or How I Did It

2014-07-30 08.06.01.jpg

jo's fractured patella kneecap and brace (3 of 3).jpg

Fell on floor after a day of gym classes, then a trip to Mom’s, and home again. I was walking across the kitchen floor with dog and cat food in hands, and found myself meeting the floor kneefirst. I guess I got nuts trying to do so much at once?

So I heard a huge bang, and couldn’t see, I was in so much pain. I could barely get up from the floor. Jim came home, and we iced and raised the leg. My thought was to wait until the morning and see whether it was better.

Come morning, I couldn’t walk. I simply couldn’t walk. It was painful even to breath near the leg. The knee area was swollen, and from the Internet I surmised that there could be a break, and that it could or might not be unattached from the ligaments that held the patella in place.

My GP’s nurse took us in that morning, and she chided me for not going to the ER, where I would have had an x-ray done right away. She took the time to find an orthopedic who would see us right away, and off we went to see him.

He did take an x-ray, and showed us a clean break right down the front of the kneecap. He offered to take out some of the fluids (effusion) that had collected, and if I told you how much it hurt right then, it was way worse when he and his assistant started sticking needles in there. They drew out so much blood, they held it up and I was finished screaming by then, but in disbelief over the sight.

Leaving there, wearing a brand new, full leg brace, on my crutches, I was so happy to be out of pain. Now I’m back on just a little bit of anti-inflammatory, and managing to get around. The orders are rest, rest, rest.

Here’s the problem! Our granddaughter is coming to NJ tomorrow. Okay. And Jimmy has some neurological problems affecting his legs and walking. Okay. Whatever! We have some drama right now, and although it will heal and I will be fine in the end, things are certainly interesting at the moment!

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