Getting Tecchy – All Roads Lead to Redundancy

Today I woke up with a brilliant flash of insight!

Redundancies Reign - 8-14
Redundancies Reign – 8-14

It occurred to me that, with all this silly networking and synching that is going on, and it gets worse every day. The intrusions are non-stop. The only way to prevent popup ads, reminders, and duplicate calendar entries nowadays is to simply disconnect your internet connection, and stay “home.”

But that’s not my workflow/style. I realized that I’ve been using a non-synching application, Adobe(r) LightRoom, on three computers. So I tried everything, and have felt lost in trying to keep my catalogs up to date with the latest files from my cloud server, Microsoft OneDrive (r). I realized that, instead of moving and shaking up the files inside of LR, why don’t I use the great new version of Microsoft’s Live Gallery to move the actual files on my home drive? Then simply synch up each catalog when I open up LR. That would solve a lot of confusion on my part.

Here is where a redundant catalog is desired, but hard to manage sometimes.

So let’s try to utilize this new workflow. It looks like LR is built for using on just one computer. If you are not doing that, and want to back up your cloud files locally, try doing that on a native program like the Gallery. I’ll let you know if I’m successful.


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