I’m locked up in a full-leg brace for another month. It’s the month of September, and after one whole month of care and carefulness, I’m looking forward to yet another endurance trial.

I can walk, after a fashion. Walking is exhausting, and that brings it back around on this hot summer day, to the fact that a trauma is there, and needs to be settled down. My cracked kneecap is sealing up the crack, but there are lots of muscle and strength issues to be dealt with as well.

So, time will heal. This is a fact. But why is that little bone such a vulnerable candidate for damage? And why is it so popular to have problems with it?

Once I accepted my own damaged body, I looked around, and saw that I was not the only damaged person around. Go to any strip mall or parking lot around here. Out of 10 people, seven will be limping in some way. Some never learned proper alignment, some never paid attention to posture, some have lasting damage from a childhood wound. But many people are limping, leaning forward. Women especially have huge backs. I don’t want to say fat, but fat deposits landing on their posteriors/rears giving them the appearance of being pushed forward by their own bodies.

I don’t feel sorry for people. A bit of exercise and cut back on gluten would probably give them a new lease on life. They are literally keeping the screwy medical system we accept in this county alive. Add in some cigarettes and alcohol, and the industry thrives.

It’s not going to end in my lifetime. But my lifetime mostly done as it is, will be happier and lighter if not in one piece come future.


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