Getting My Knee-ds met…Again

I woke up the other day with a “subconjunctival hemorrhage.” I know this because although there is no known cause, I’ve had this before and did indeed visit my ophthalmologist the first time to check it out. So I went ahead and went about my daily business, which entailed hanging out with my church community and some doctors’ offices, and some stores. I called attention to it to alleviate any anxiety over such a horrible visage as I presented. One thing I thought was that since things were going so well with my knee (despite my wailing to the contrary), my body decided that it was time something else went wrong. As far as etiology, how about the trouble I recently had with moving a desktop computer after many years, and many drivers and records trying to make my head explode.

As far as cause, I did have a sneezing bout the day before the reddening event. And I do take a shitload of supplements, including baby aspirin, which also contributes to the propensity for this. So I cut out the aspirin for now. My blood is so thin anyway that a vampire would pass me up like we pass up agglutinated food.

Then I decided that I would be a stand-up comedian, but couldn’t.


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