Holding Onto the Leaderly Spirit

Oh geez. Time to doubt myself. Time to doubt my ability. Time to say I give it up. But to whom?

Giving back requires being 110%, and lately I’ve been thinking about leadership. I’m getting a lot of education in that regard, and it seems that more and more people are asking me for help. So I give it.

But what I really want to do is be successful. So I have to consider the balance between leadership and success (at that). Is there a philosophical arena for these issues? I wonder if this conundrum has already been solved, and if so, by whom. Certainly if I come up with a solution it will be a national holiday.

So, I bumble on. Like the humble bumblebee, I fly without any visible or physical evidence of that ability.

bee, leadership, confidence, bumblebee
Bumble on!

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