Sketches and Designs

The accepted image, not the final but close.
The accepted image, not the final but close.

Yesterday I noticed that two sketchbooks that I had been putting aside as inspiration had gone missing. Is this the ghost of Dad haunting me after three years in the Summerlands? Probably. He would find the most intimate and annoying way to get through to my feelings. This makes me feel so special.

Today I got word that a photo that I took and was submitted for a widely published calendar has been accepted. This is my first really big (what the Internet is not?) publication. People will actually pay to see what I did.

The memory of working on this photo is bittersweet. Each turn created another turn as I struggled to get the image just right. Not only for the calendar’s use, but for the creator of the design, a very special person who deserves the credit for her creativity and attention to detail.

When we honor nature, we honor ourselves. The books will turn up at some point, and will be a pleasant surprise as they join the myriad of paper goods that are turning up in every closet, every redweld, every corner of my house.

Sketches and photos come and go, but our love of nature and our love of working with each other in design and horticulture, will remain at the forefront and will always be available for us to enjoy.


1 thought on “Sketches and Designs

  1. Congratulations. That is a beautiful image. Linda


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