There Are No Bad Dogs – Only…

Bad Neighbors – 

Whatever happened to my neighbors, who started out really friendly and happy to see us and our pets? Well, at least one of them.

The other day, my dog, a happy-go-lucky if headstrong mix-breed, discovered a nice treat just beyond her fence. A half-rotted, dead young rabbit, an irresistible morsel just lying there waiting for someone to discover it. So she did. Despite all of our efforts, money and satisfaction with our new containment system, i.e., fence, she managed to approach it and nobody noticed her silently rolling it around to get a purchase on its limp little body.

When I realized she had breached our security, I went over to where she was, and couldn’t believe that she was “in front” of the fence, not behind it. The neighbors, like me, were enjoying a late afternoon visit; I was finishing up an iced chardonnay, and I heard the man, the master, the offensive, abrasive, sarcastic, humorless man, telling me it was okay to come on in. Well, thanks a lot, you evil hillbilly.

Next crisis, I never opened the fence next door, so I heard the man’s voice telling me how to do it, and I did. My dog, my beloved, gentle, obedient house-pet, came running past us with the little bunny in her mouth, and waited for me by the entrance. I clipped her leash, and let her take her prize home.

She’s a dog. If we would somehow gotten the dead meat out of her jaws, she probably would have obsessed, and I know better than to try to frustrate, even a lesser being.

What got me in the whole incident, was that I am a non-confrontative, cooperative, trying to be the best owner in the world, but that takes cooperation. When another person snidely intones “got to find out where she got in,” over and over again, while I’m doing my best to rectify an issue, I feel less than supported.

We should be grateful that my dog, my beloved little crazy girl, doesn’t Dig, Destroy, Bark (too much), Bite, Constantly Annoy. She doesn’t. And, ironically, as all dog people know, the more she is paid attention, the more she will Not try to gain attention. That is just how it is. A little word, a smile, a kind expression, these make a big difference. Oh, yes, I’m talking about me.

I have much more baggage than my pet; I have no idea where the man next door checked his out.

my kid.


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