Techhiness – A Guide to What Not to Do with Video Apps

This is a lesson in using ProShow Producer, a rather expensive, premie program that I’ve been a fan of for like 10 years.

Over the years, I’ve produced quite a few opuses and here is what happened.

It began with one specific show that just wouldn’t open for me on my monitor. I tried every which way to open it, and found myself recreating the show each and every time. It became a hassle in that I was unable to apply any effects or fun stuff that was the reason I purchased this program.

Perhaps it was a technical glitch – I was using a cross-networked folder to access my files and switched using this method.

  1. I used an external drive containing backups of my files connected locally to my computer. You would say, they are backups. Eventually some may be deleted as I manually update this drive over said network. But I don’t care – *Remember* once you finalize and produce the video, it is under a different format. The humane thing to do is simply delete all the material not relevant any more, including those dumb bak files that appear out of nowhere. You still have the original sources over the network on the working drive, no?
  2. I saved the video on which I’m working on said local external (oxymoron?) drive, and my system picked it up immediately 0 running Win10 no less.
  3. Suddenly, the video in the making opens up, performs, and I can once again return to the learning curve that has been driving me to do even more with this program, no thanks really to the techs I have called in the past who coldly advised me that like I can’t use music from a network drive. Really?

So, for the time being, my troubles are over, and I can leave my Microsoft Movie Maker alone and return to the serious business of being a writer, producer and director here at Frizzzwerx Studios.  Stay tuned for what’s next!


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