Totally Rad! Thyroid Follies Continue

Apparently trying to get something done quickly and efficiently is not in the repertoire any more. I do remember working for a Thoracic/General Surgeon, Director of Surgery in the ’70’s, and boy did we drop everything when the C word was uttered. Routine Halstead mastectomies, hernia repairs, follow ups on cold remedies, we dropped the phone and ran. But these days, one has to wait on a phone line for someone to actually get to their desk and sit and turn on their computers. Or finish their danish. Do they still have those?

I can imagine that that is what’s happening. My surgeon, bless him, has a good staff. They are most likely overworked, and live for the end of their workaday, when they can return to a routine they can understand. I can also understand that, but a patient under the gun, so to speak, cannot fathom a delay when there is a gnawing and a cringing, doubt and yes, fear, over the days to come.

I hope what I heard yesterday, that the planning is happening, is happening. I will be the person if need be, that they say – better call her before she calls back again. I am the only one who can speak for me, so I will.


1 thought on “Totally Rad! Thyroid Follies Continue

  1. Good for you Jo. Being your own best advocate.


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