My Inside-Out Selfie – or a Spaghetti-like Assault

How many of us can say they had a camera shoved down their throat with little notice, and with no huge anticipation? While I have been diligent in researching the procedures coming up during my bout with Thyroid Cancer, I did not expect this one coming.

Being a photographer, there is nothing as fascinating to me as the technology behind digital images, and the clarity and usefulness they have in medicine, especially. But who knew one of these tiny little suckers was heading for my left nostril?

This was a routine pre-op office visit. Answers to questions, processing information with my husband along to add interest. The surgeon, while a really nice, reassuring professional, a member of all the right societies, suddenly got up it seemed and produced a long, thin what looked like a q-tip, and all I thought was how can a piece of cotton on a rigid little dowel possibly be stuck so far into my face.

Turned out, when I thought is was going to be only a sample or something of the inside of my nose, it just kept going. Turned out, a digital laryngoscopy included a preliminary probe, which felt like a towel being dragged along the back of my throat. Well, that’s how it felt, anyway.


Next, the chrome and silver object of interest. A long tube, flexible with the tiniest camera I ever can imagine, on the end of it, slide its way down my nose. All this time, I’m watching it on a monitor. Was that a hair I saw? OMG. I need a wax. All I could think of was America’s Got Talent, a TV show that actually has occasional performers whose act is to pull spaghetti or string through their nose after swallowing it. Disgusting!

This little camera got pushed past the point of resistance, wherever that was, and my windpipe and vocal cords were right there. Right there, I tell you. I never saw such a sight. And hope never to again.

This was a reverse selfie! This was a trip through my insides to make sure the stuff was where it was supposed to be, and along with an MRI and bloodwork, and reassurance that everything would be all right just added to the experience of my thyroid surgery. I can’t wait to really say Ahhhhhhhhhh.

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