Life is Cruel..and then You Die

Waxing tragic today. I felt good there for a moment, knowing I had my #church to attend and slightly embarrassed over the big fuss I’m making over having my #thyroid #surgery. Having my neck torn open like as portrayed on #TheWalkingDead and then stitched back together emptier, is not a big deal. Not.

In addition, I have been diagnosed with #dysphonia. This is merely the appearance of #nodes on my #vocal cords found on pre-operative #endoscopy. Now that’s interesting…how many years have I felt a hoarse version of #Susan Sarandan, who many people claim I resemble. Now that is a hoot.

So today I declare to be for the rest of my mortal life – a #UU #Pagan #vegetarian #dysphonic. #Cancer, although scary, is a bump in the road that I will climb. I will bear against the cruelty of life and the need to serve while serving.

I will fulfill my obligations to family, friends, environment and myself on this tragic this cruel, hurtful day.

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