The Saga of the Reset

Recently, my computer, Kuron wouldn’t start. After a few years of steady, loyal service, she refused to wake up one morning and I took this very seriously. After some research, I figured and was averred by my guru, that her power supply had failed, an easy and cheap repair if I wanted. And I wanted!

Her savior, a fellow I’ve known almost 20 years, felt there were some problems. I could understand how he was worried. She would not jump onto the Internet, and I saw her sound was “x-ed” out. I took her home, with some advice and suggestions, and hooked her up, freeing my MacBook, Ayrloc, to return to my lap where she belongs.

Once the hookup was complete, I discovered that it really wasn’t. Of course, I had plugged the sound wire into the wrong jack, and the external hard drives were running again, as was the mouse and keyboard. But no Internet. I restarted the router a couple of times to no avail. This was really annoying, until I remembered some of the advice I was given.

So, I accessed my Windows 10 settings, and found the reset feature, and hit it.

I lost my apps, which I can download easily. The only problem is that these apps only ran on this former windows 7 upgrade. Now I realized that if the older app versions do not run when installed, well, I can always buy a new version of each app. That will only make me very happy.

The reset took a long time. But experience has told me that the first few percentages need a lot of patience. If the computer looks like it isn’t doing anything, it really is. After a wait I had a fresh new version of Windows 10, and also an internet connection. In fact, I had no more had trouble downloading a copy of Office 365, which I am paying for. That was worth the cost of losing some apps.

So, time to move on. I saved a couple hundred bucks by restoring and implanting parts of Kuron, and she is running again, not exactly 100%, but it takes time to re-establish the network connections. I should be good.

Such is the world of home computing. Patience, knowing good people, and not being afraid to completely cover yourself with dust and wires.

Until the next big change, yours, tecchily.

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