My Non-Yelp Review

I had promised myself I would not write a bad review but can’t help it based on the hoopla and expectations I have of this store.

Waiting to check out on the express line, I had a handful of change and wanted to pay cash for a small purchase. The cashier turned and proferred the change Before I could count out the coins to round out my change. Now, that is a small thing. But I said to her i have the change, as I received the coin and penny while the change was on the counter. She replied that she “already rang me up.” Well, It’s amazing that she moved so quickly she had no time to ascertain my method of payment(????)

Although this rushing by cashiers as if they were the ones in a hurry to get somewhere else, or on some kind of speed has become the norm, I expect more from #WholeFoods.

I pay more here, and admire the effort to promote a centered lifestyle, a la Yoga and meditation and nutrition. However, maybe it would be good to put some of those Yoga fashions on the cashier(s) so they calm down a bit and don’t leave me feeling like I was rushed out of the store with a heavier purse than when I came in!


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