Saga in Lalaland

american flag sad.jpeg

Tuesday – I came home from some stuff and spent the next 12 hours watching my choice for #POTUS (President of the United States) go down, down, down in the polls and in the results of voting. Actually, it was the #ElectoralVote, a system created apparently by post-Civil War rejects who couldn’t tolerate the thought of free and open elections coming from areas that were settled by emancipated slaves. Go figure.

So, as the day, afternoon and evening wore on, no amount of #IPA could make me avoid the fact that the person I absolutely dreaded to be #POTUS, won the thing and there I was, hanging like that image of the tattered, war-torn banner once called the #American flag and once representing my country.

Wednesday – off to the gym to stretch and squeeze the disappointment out of my body. A blazing headache only my beloved yoga class can alleviate. And it did. I spent the day taking care of business. I called #Dell to take care of some problems with the below situation.

Thursday – Once finished with all that and home, I decided to check into a really annoying habit on my #Windows laptop, aka Perdia. Perdia hung on start-up. No response to clicked commands and it was getting bad.

A call to #Dell put me in touch with Musatafa, and his supervisor, and to make a long story short, we started a reset, which means I would have a completely new (whoohoo) setup after like a couple of hours. Jim and I went to dinner, and when I came back, whatever I did that morning, i.e., download some routine-looking updates from Microsoft, completely blew up my hard drive. For whatever reason, a bit of finagling with Mustafa and his supervisor put me in the queue for a technician to come to a house call, as it were, and that’s where I stand now.

Let’s see if this ongoing brouhaha settles on the side of satisfaction. Lalaland has never been so invaded by viruses, infections, and bad choices for our Country. It’s supposed to be ’tis of thee sweet land of liberty. Not what it’s become.

And poor Perdia, like me, is still waiting for her heart and soul to be restored.

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