My Lifetime is Your Lifetime – All 99 Years of It

No, I’m not just coming up from hiding my head in the sand, but if I were, I would bury it anew. Just became aware of more dire predictions about the planet I live on, and it’s obviously true.

Not one to believe, although I am allured by, conspiracy theories, I’ve felt that I can now truly declare, that when I am 99, things just will not be the same.

The year 2050, if things don’t change, the planet will become uninhabitable by humans. Well, we finally did it. We can predict our own demise, while we continue to burn fossil fuels and refuse to address or ameliorate the effects thereof.

That is the status quo. Electing a government in the United States, while not normally a cause for panic, has guaranteed and ensured that we will indeed continue on a trajectory that will result in our own deaths. Oh, not everyone. My generation, and those still living in my parents’ generation, will be quickly disappearing. We are like dinosaurs, mostly ignored and used for getting good seats at movie theaters.

We will continue our lives, on our lifetime retirement and Social Security benefits. We will mostly be content, left alone and given consideration in public places. But our children, and definitely our childrens’ children, will not be so lucky. If they survive massive storms, overpopulation, and disruptions to the infrastructure, they will surely find it hard to breathe when the planet finally gives up the ghost.

Look at it this way. We like families. We like our communities. We give a lot of thought to the future of same. Jobs, homes, more family. What can be so odd about that?

Thanks to the skewing of the 2016 election, there are now possibly proponents of lies, theories, all sorts of stupidity. For instance, it no longer is enough to say, “they don’t believe in climate change.” Well, it’s not a belief. Cavemen did not cavort with Brontosauri. The earth is round. It revolves around the sun, not the opposite.

Just when I thought it was safe, and that my family and community, animals and yes, the planet itself, had survived primitive thinking and behavior, magical thinking and just plain ignorance and prejudice, it has become a reality. Here are a couple of links from whence I draw my information.

Pray we can manage somehow to overcome the billionaire’s insulation from us, the masses, and that my lifetime is not the last lifetime planet earth will endure.






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